Naijropean aims to freshen things up with a different approach to songwriting, lyrical content and music production. This distinct Naijropean sound can be heard on the debut single titled “I Want To Marry You” featuring London based singer/songwriter – Taiya Soul .

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Inspired by Fela, Sade, Soul 2 Soul, Babyface, Rich Harrison and more recently FKA Twigs, Naijropean takes you on a journey of sound, shapes and textures.

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Naijropean is the project of songwriter/producer Chuck Iroegbu. Naijropean mixes sounds and music styles from Africa and the rest of the world to create a fine blend of atmospheric urban music.



Welcome friend.

I am Chuck Iroegbu, a songwriter/producer based in London. If the future is to be shaped by music born out of experimentation and innovation, the journey begins here.

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We are super excited about the release of the Naijropean debut single “I Want To Marry You” featuring singer/songwriter – Taiya Soul. “I Want To Marry You” is available on most digital music platforms.

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Meet producer/songwiter – Chuck Iroegbu. With over 15 years in the music business, Chuck has created a unique sound and style for himself. He calls his sound – Naijrosonic. Follow on Instagram @naijropean

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This year sees the launch of my independent record label.

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Minimized simplicity

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